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1. The work of winning souls, a wise one: and 2. The spiritual help which a church gives to its minister

Author: Storrs, Richard S.
Published Date: January 1, 1866

N O T E .

For the preservation of the first of the following discourses, which was

delivered extemporaneously, I am almost wholly indebted to the notes of

the Reporter. Neither this, nor that which follows it, was prepared with any reference

to its publication through the press. But as a desire for such publication

has been expressed by those who heard the sermons, I am happy to have

it gratified,—particularly as it gives me the opportunity to put on record,

in this permanent form, my most grateful and affectionate regard for the

Church and Congregation to which it has so long been my privilege to min­

ister, in the hope and service of the Gospel.

R. S. STORRS, Jr . B r o o k l y n , N ov. 24, 1866.

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